Marine Radio

Why you should own and know how to operate this life saving piece of equipment

Many members spend a lot of money owning and running a boat but some seem reluctant to spend money on the one piece of equipment that can save lives – a good quality marine radio.

Some reckon they are OK because they carry a cell phone – well in most parts of the lake there’s no reception!

There are those who have a radio but haven’t spent a few hours getting a VHF license and NO it’s not red tape and a money grab.

It’s about knowing what to do when it all turns to custard, how to call a PAN PAN, or a MAY DAY, and the 3 essential pieces of information needed to facilitate a rescue.

Two things every boatie should do;

Te Anau is monitored on Ch 63.

The reassuring voice of Meri Leask is always there. Let Meri know when you leave the harbour, where you are heading, how many POB and time of return.
Cost is $40 a year to be a member.

Remember it’s not legal to use a maritime radio without a license unless it’s an emergency – but the question is – would you know how to use it in an emergency?

A few hours of prep and a few dollars brings a lot of piece of mind for you and your family.