Te Anau Boating Club





As at 30 June 2020 our total membership was 623, an increase of 25 on June 2019.

104 berths were allocated at 30 June 2018.


We have approximately 160 berths available to members with 110 berths allocated.

We still have a waiting list for the floating marina and we are increasing the berths on this by 2 to 28 by utilizing the T at the end of the marina. We were originally going to leave this empty but circumstances at low lake levels have necessitated the shifting of one boat to this end and it was always designed to have two boats moored on this end.

The new floating marina has received many favourable comments from both users and outside observers.

As in the past, demand for moorings fluctuates from year to year.


On the 25th of March we lost our past, long term, Harbour Warden, Fred Inder. Fred had not long been admitted into aged care in Gore and died at the start of the Covid lockdown. A service was finally held for Fred on the 27th of June at the Te Anau Club where he was given a fitting send off by family, friends and acquaintances. Our Club took up the opportunity to speak and pay tribute to Fred at the service.

Current Harbour Warden, John Hefford has fitted the position very capably and can be contacted as below:

Mr John Hefford
56 Bligh Street
Te Anau
Phone: 027 224 5694


    Committee member Iain Campbell is the point of contact for casual hires and replacement keys. Iain can be contacted as below:

    Mr Iain Campbell
    Te Anau Photo Centre
    62 Town Centre
    Te Anau
    Phone: 03 249 7620

    Iain has also done a lot of one-off printing for the Club and his services and facilities are greatly appreciated.


    Maintenance is always on-going around the facility with trees/plants being replaced as necessary, tree trimming taken place after a lightning strike and areas of concrete repaired or replaced in the original harbour. Once again, I must thank committee members, Russel McDonald, Bill Randall and Bob Crawford for stepping up and doing this work and supplying all sorts of their own equipment.

    Vice President, Russel McDonald has carried out a one-man vendetta against the moss on the original harbour walls
    and this is finally dying off in large areas but still requires a big effort to remove. We are going to organise a working bee for this work, which will be notified at a later date.

    Remember, if you see something at the marina that needs fixed, repaired or done, don’t be shy to step-in and do it or direct myself of the committee’s attention to it.


    The Statement of Financial Performance for the year shows a net surplus of $20,767, down approximately $8,000 on
    last year, largely due to the additional depreciation charge for the new marina being an extra $18,000. There has been a drop in interest income of around $10,000 from reducing interest rates and use of funds for the new marina, but this has been well and truly offset by a $19,000 increase in subscription/mooring income during the year. The new marina income for 12 months is $20,800.

    As at balance date we had $130,000 of net funds in hand.


    The past year has been a conservative year by previous standards with no large projects being undertaken other than on-going maintenance.

    Committee Meetings were held in February, June and October.

    Thanks to member, Ray Horrell for water blasting down the original jetty and ramp carpet which the ducks soil badly and for also cleaning down the carpet on the other walkways after they were sprayed with moss killer. Ray did the work free of charge for the Club which is really appreciated. Committee members also took the opportunity to reinforce the wooden ramp walkway and carpet it for health and safety reasons.

    Chris Shaw, Principal at McIntyre Dick has stepped back up as Secretary for the Club and his professionalism and
    friendliness are very much appreciated, as is the work of his staff, Jan and Zoey.

    In accordance with the rules, at this AGM the following committee members retire by rotation:
    Russell Cleaver
    Paul Ruddenklau
    Bill Randall

    Paul and Bill both offer themselves for re-election, both having been excellent committee members.

    Russell Cleaver has decided to retire from the committee after an outstanding 32 years’ service. Russell and his family have been passionate Club members and Russell has always been at the fore at working bees over this extended time. He has done a huge amount for the Club and his input, ideas and direction at committee meetings will be surely missed. An appropriate presentation will be made at this AGM, recognising his outstanding service.

    Again, I offer myself for re-election as your President, having previously stated this was my last year. Vice President,
    Russel McDonald isn’t quite ready to step up yet and as a team we work well together. I still have plenty of enthusiasm for the Club and have plenty of ideas for the future of both the trailer boaties and berth holders.

    Once again I repeat, we are a unique Club, with a very strong membership that offers our members the cheapest
    facilities in the country and we want that for our future generations to enjoy as well.

    Rodger Cunninghame