Te Anau Boating Club




For years the current jetty has been a source of immense frustration. The lake went up and down 3m+ but the jetty didn’t!

It was often under water. When the lake was low the top of a boat was level with the jetty both of which made maintenance work all but impossible and the jetty is the only source of power and water.

An improved jetty was always a long-term goal.

The committee located an old jetty, which formed the basis of the new jetty.

Gone are the days when you go ahead with a working bee and just get things done!

Today engineer’s reports are required as are resource consents, which take time and cost money.

Russell Marr has done an outstanding job reworking the old jetty to meet the club’s needs. 

There has been huge amount of work over many weeks, part of which has been the need to stabilize the bank, which had started to slip and would have become a major problem further down the track. Russell has done an outstanding job; he was onsite every day for weeks.

Part of the installation has been the widening of the ramp to give much better access for emergency services. For that reason there won’t be gates on the jetty, which will ensure easy 24-hour access in the case of emergency.

The placement of the new jetty is designed to give much easier vessel access, the original jetty was awkward to access especially for larger vessels and when the lake was low.

Both power and water will be brought to the jetty itself, making any maintenance work a lot easier.

The existing water and power on the old pole will be left in place for members working on their boats on the hard.



Over time all the non-covered banks slowly slip. The fine material is washed down by the rise and fall of the lake, rain and people going up and down to their boats.

The next work planned is the stabilization of the south bank of the middle harbour (the new one) followed by the North bank of the inner harbour. Both banks will be capped with concrete in the same way as those in the original outer harbour.

The 2 things needed are a very low lake and a contractor capable of undertaking the work – it’s a reasonable sized job.


A number of members reported the build-up of material around the entrance and that it was noticeably shallower in parts. This has now been dealt with and the entrance is now clear.


As many will know there has been an ongoing rat-trapping program by the committee.

There are 4 traps around the harbour, which are catching one rat every 2 weeks, so the numbers seemed to have reduced.

The traps are cleared by expert rat-catchers Russell Cleaver and Russell McDonald – horrible job!

Remember to keep your vessels sealed and don’t leave food around otherwise you’ll end up with unwelcome guests.

Now that’s a good idea!