Te Anau Boating Club



When members leave their boats moored in the harbour not everything will remain as you left it.

The lake rises and falls. Of recent there’s been a 3m + variance and that can have a huge effect on the moored boats.

The Harbour Warden and committee members will do what they can to make sure your boat doesn’t come to grief BUT there are a couple of things you can do when leaving your boat that will make a huge difference.

Pull your boat as close to the mooring poles as possible making sure it’s centered and then tie off.

This will ensure your boat doesn’t end up with the bow beached when the lake drops AND it stops your boat being pushed into the next berth when there’s a stinking westerly – as there often is.

Keeping your boat contained within your berth is the owner’s responsibility.

The dreaded Larrikin Tangle !!

For Fred or members of the committee trying make sure your boat is safe, often the biggest challenge is the world of nightmare knots that under load are impossible to undo!!

Add to this the metres of excess rope tangled with other ropes, the long frayed ends and it all gets too hard.

The best knot for a tie off is the round turn and 2 half hitches or in the case of the steel loops just 2 half hitches – they will never slip and they’re easy to undo and adjust.

Couple of other pointers; going around and around and around the pole doesn’t make the hold more effective and can be a complete pain to adjust.

For those who aren’t sure how to deal with the fraying running end of your ropes and can’t be bothered whipping the ends try heat shrink. Choose the appropriate gauge; cut a length of about 2cm (1 inch); thread the frayed end through the heat shrink to a neat piece of rope; apply heat; cut off the crappy end and hey presto! a neat rope end that will last.

Who knows you might even get a hug from Fred.