The Te Anau Boating Club is more than just its facilities. It’s a gateway to one of the world’s great National Parks.

Nestled on the Eastern Shore of Lake Te Anau, looking across the lake to the mountains of Fiordland, its location is stunning and at 344 km² the lake is New Zealand’s second largest.

The sheltered harbour offers protection from most winds making it an immensely safe facility especially suited to boating families.


Almost 70 years ago a small group with a big idea began developing a boating facility that has grown in a way they couldn’t have imagined.

Successive committees and volunteers have continued to build and improve the TBC to make it an outstanding asset for all boaties and every possible type of boat.


One of the great strengths of the club is its members.

They’re always willing to give a hand, share knowledge about the lake and of course boats. They make new members feel welcome.

Security & Safety

The Te Anau Boat Club has put a lot of effort into keeping the facility secure and ensuring an eye is kept on all boats and activities.

  • The Habour Warden checks all boats twice a day.
  • Access is by key for members only.
  • The entire facility is floodlit.

Members keep an eye out for each other’s boats, which provides an extra level of security. There are members of the committee around the marina almost every day.


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