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From the President

Welcome to Stage 2 of the TBC website. Stage 1, launched in December, is an overview of the TBC. Stage 2 is designed for members and the goal is to provide and share information that will give members useful information about the club and boating. The committee meets about 4 times a year, more often if needed, so I plan to post an update after each meeting.

President's Annual Report for the year 2017


Our total membership as at 30 June 2017 was 614 members, 19 up on last year. We continue to have a positive membership growth even though our membership is constantly changing. Memberships are being passed down generations and as Te Anau continues to grow, more boats are appearing, so as long as new boaties can see value in our clubs facilities and services, our club should grow with the town.

109 berths were allocated at 30 June 2017, up slightly on last year.


The Statement of Financial Performance for the year records a net surplus of $26,704. Revenue from memberships and casual hire combined remains steady along with the interest received on our cash reserves. The committee reviewed the Harbour Warden contract following last year’s AGM feedback and approved a new rate for Fred, which was increased from April 2017. The extra maintenance costs of $5,000 for the year are mainly attributable to repairs to the swimming pontoon and marina lighting as well as the replacement of the kiosk roof.


The moss on the original harbour (marina 1) has again been treated. Special thanks to Neil Hodges for assisting with equipment for this work.

The rat trapping continues successfully if you can count the catch as being a success. The rats and rabbits are ever present and we are striving to stay on top of their numbers.

New Maintenance/Overnight/Emergency Jetty

This is now in place and operational and has already had considerable use.

Your committee members saw the opportunity to do some extra tidying up in this area and many hours were put in by Russel McDonald, Allister Hartley, myself and others building retaining walls and enhancing this area.

The main contractors, Metalworks and Te Anau Earthworks did a great job often under trying circumstances. The end result is another great asset to the club, built at a fraction of the cost of facilities further north. myself and others building retaining walls and enhancing this area.

The jetty/walkway has been designed wide enough for access by ambulance stretchers/gurneys and the emergency services around the town have gate keys if the need arises for them to have access to this facility. There is also power points and a fresh water supply mounted on the jetty itself.

Overnight stays are permitted at this jetty, after checking in with the harbour warden. Boat maintenance can also be carried out for several days during off peak periods. Power usage is a privilege that we will monitor on a case by case basis, and those abusing this system will be charged accordingly.

It is the committees intention that this new jetty should eliminate any problems of boats being left overnight at the other jetties.

Inner Harbour Development Project

As this report is being written, the special committee lead by Bill Randall are finalising costings for a new concrete floating pontoon, capable of mooring 26/28 boats in the area where the existing long gravel finger is. This project has been on the back burner for some time but with the club reserves and the opportunity to apply for funding from varying sources, we may be in a position to proceed with this project. This would give us excellent mooring facilities at high or low water levels decreasing the stress levels and workload for those mooring in the harbour and our harbour warden. A plan of the proposed layout is attached.


Well what a year it has been for some of us.

Harbour Warden Fred Inder, Senior Vice President Russel McDonald and your President Rodger, all ended up in Southland Hospital on the same weekend at the start of December.

Fred suffering from a medical event, Russel a yachting incident and myself a momentary lack of talent while motor racing at Teretonga in my classic Mustang.

We have all made varying recoveries since, but I would like to thank the many members who visited us and offered their support, but especially new committee member Bill Randall who stood in for Fred Inder as Acting Harbour Warden until Fred was able to resume light duties.

Bill has been a tower of strength to the club in the past year and has got on with things that he observed needed done. Thank you sincerely Bill. Fred’s health continues to improve and hopefully we will have his services for a couple of seasons yet.

To the current committee, THANK YOU for your attendance at meetings and helping out with the various projects we have undertaken. We all have different strengths in different fields and these have been well utilised. Andrea McWilliam, our secretary, takes a very active part at meetings, in running the clubs finances and ensures that the team at McIntyre Dick & Partners do our club membership and key issue as smoothly as possible. With 600 plus members needing new keys each year, this is a big job.

To committee member Michael Stedman, our sincere condolences on the passing away of your wife Peg recently. Michael and Peg were very keen boaties and could be seen anywhere on the lake in their ‘Logan Cruiser’. Michael has been instrumental in getting the TBC website up and going, but has unfortunately decided to stand down this year as a full committee member. Mike is a stickler for making sure things are done correctly and he will be fondly missed at the meetings.

Committee members Allister Hartley and Michael Stedman retire by rotation this year, with Allister offering himself for re-election for a further term of two years.

I offer myself again for re-election as your president, and now that I have retired here to Te Anau, our residence has become a base for meetings and workshop construction.

I would personally like to thank Russel McDonald, the Senior Vice President for all his help with year while I was immobile and for generally stepping up to be our construction overseer on the maintenance jetty project. Definitely a president of the future.

Kids’ Fishing Competition


As in other years, fish will be judged on length only and kids must be accompanied by a current TBC member and need to have a current fishing licence of some sort. Every measured fish will receive a prize, and free hot chips, ice cream and fizz will be available for all participants and crew. A great chance for grandad and dad to take the younger kids out on the lake in the boat.

Please be safe on the water and enjoy the up coming summer boating season with your family and friends.

Rodger Cunninghame

Lake Levels

As many know, Lake Te Anau was at a near record low level, 3 metres lower then the level in the first week of February.

This has caused a number of problems with boats ending up stranded on the hard which can, and has, resulted in boats sinking as the stern continues to drop.

The volunteer Fire guys did a fantastic job pumping out one owner’s boat, which had sunk.

Fred and the committee do what they can to deal with boats that get into trouble, but at the end of the day, it’s the boat owner’s responsibility to ensure their boat is OK.

There are a couple of very simple things you can do that will help prevent problems, which are described under MOORING VESSELS


2018 is the Clubs 75 th Anniversary. The committee is looking at producing an updated history of the club. We already have a very good recent history written by Brian Hall, a past president of the TBC.

We need your help.

We are after information on the early days and photos from the early years, so start digging into those old shoe boxes of your parents/grandparents and see what you can find.

Remember a picture is worth a 1000 words.

We’re also keen to hear from anyone who has an interest in the early history of Te Anau and would like to give a hand with the project.

Once you start digging into the history you unearth some pretty amazing stories of bold ideas, local innovation and real characters who did so much to lay the foundation of the club we enjoy today – so start digging! Email Michael Stedman at mike.a.stedman@gmail.com